DLOG Block Status Codes

The DLOG block on a Telepace based SCADAPack is a super useful function. However, it can sometimes fail. Monitoring the status code will allow you to see what the DLOG block is doing and suggest possible solutions to the problem.

10The configuration is valid and data can be logged.All fine. Log is working.
11A different configuration already exists for the log.Delete logs (remove and add “power” from bottom input on block).
12The log ID is invalid or has not been created or RAM battery is too low.Replace the RAM battery and re-download the Telepace program.
13The configuration was not valid and was rejected.Fix the configuration in Telepace, delete the logs and download again.
14There is not enough available memory to create a log of the requested size.Cold boot the SCADAPack. Load Realflo, C Programs then Telepace program.
15The number of data fields was invalid.Double-check the Telepace configuration. Re-download Telepace program.
16The log was successfully deleted. No log configuration exists.All fine. Logging paused. DLOG delete input is off. Restore “power” to bottom input on DLOG block.
17Undefined statusRuh roh! Scooby says Cold Boot and re-download to the SCADAPack.