Box Opening – RediGate 400c and 110e

Well the IIoT revolution is here. There is a lot to learn. SCADA has a lot of similarities to IoT but there are a lot of differences. To keep ahead I ordered a couple of these IoT Gateways from Elecsys Corp. The units came in on Friday. Jaden and I cracked the box towards the end of the day. Nobody seems to do box opening posts for industrial equipment [...]

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ClearSCADA 2017 – ViewX New Group Disable Default Mimic

I had found this forum post a long time ago and then lost it for a time because I forgot which key words to search for. I am posting this up on the blog so it can be easier to [...]

System Design – Conway’s Law

I was involved in a meeting recently and it was really apparent the business systems they had designed were done so in reflection of how their business was organized and how [...]

Fun Font Facts

I have been working on a new project for a client and the topic of fonts came up today. I thought it would be interesting to find some facts on different fonts, what they are [...]

SCADAPack Store and Forward

Little known fact: SCADAPacks can act as a Modbus Store and Forward hub when configured properly. Lesser known fact: SCADAPacks will also Store and Forward Enron Modbus, ROC [...]

Set ClearSCADA WebX Homepage

This has been puzzling me for a while... how do you set the WebX homepage? It is useful to put the user on a landing page other than the usual WebX logo page. I know I had [...]

Kepware has Configuration API!!!

I have been exposed to Kepware a lot more in recent weeks. It is a full featured driver suite, not just for PLC communications anymore! This week in particular I have been [...]

Canadian Email-to-Text Addresses

Little known fact: You can email people text messages. We use it all the time on SCADA systems to provide text alerts to operators. The format [...]

BettsM SCADA Forum and Demo Day

I spent some time down in Calgary today with BettsM Controls checking out the various products they represent and sell. There are some interesting tidbits people might be [...]

DNP3 Address Mapping on Standard SCADAPack

This month has been a great learning month. I was able to build and complete a small water SCADA system here in Canada (thanks GlobalFlow for the opportunity!) and we made the [...]

Fun with Red Lion DSP – Polling MC-IIIs

The Red Lion DSP is a great little unit. It has mostly the same internals as their G3 HMI line but without the display. This makes it useful as a protocol conversion box, a [...]