Being Cloud Ready

I just spent the last two days participating in an IoT and Data Analytics Hand-on-Lab at Microsoft Canada in Calgary. It was awesome to see what they are doing with their cloud product offering and how it can be used to enable business intelligence and possibility for new applications. Here is a screenshot of a […]

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Getting ClearSCADA Help

ClearSCADA is a surprisingly open piece of software. The help file is packed with example code, decent explanations of settings and objects, system requirements, example architectures and more. Schneider Electric has some great online resources for the ClearSCADA software product too. Thankfully this is one of the few sections of the internet left where you do […]

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Detailed Daily Trend

Setup Floboss Standard History

Data is driving a lot of business decisions these days. In Oil and Gas communication technology has caught up to the point where high resolution data is available. This enables a host of remote analysis and troubleshooting opportunities for engineers and operators. However, high resolution data is not available unless it is configured in the […]

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