Getting ClearSCADA Help

ClearSCADA is a surprisingly open piece of software. The help file is packed with example code, decent explanations of settings and objects, system requirements, example architectures and more. Schneider Electric has some great online resources for the ClearSCADA software product too. Thankfully this is one of the few sections of the internet left where you do not need to log in to get the information you need. It would be incredible if Schneider Electric could expand these resources for other software products but for now I will be happy they provide as much as they do.

Here are the links:

The CMI Forums – This is a long time pillar of the old Control Microsystems ClearSCADA days. The forum has not changed much (if at all) over the years, but it is well frequented and there are people who can assist you with your problems. It is very likely your problem has already been discussed. Just search a little, modify those keywords, search some more and you might find your answer. If you see answers from ‘du5tin’ on there, those would be me.

The ClearSCADA Resource Center – This is also a left over of Control Microsystems (man, they had good ideas). If you need to know about installation specifics, weirdness with the history files, computer hardware recommendations, release notes, its all here. The development staff regularly updates and puts articles into the resource center. If you click up a few levels and get out of the ClearSCADA specific section you will also find links to Realflo, SCADAPack and more.